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Pathways mission is to provide quality health care to people receiving government assistance. Pathways is dedicated to ensuring that all clients have access to professional community-based care, proven treatment methods and comprehensive service planning. Pathways offers a wide variety of programs across the country that share a primary commitment to provide care that builds on our clients’ strengths and addresses their unique, individual needs.

Our primary services are varied, and we are continually creating new programs in response to identified needs of our clients in a particular area. The common thread is that we provide counseling and support services in home- and community-based settings and we emphasize the strengths and uniqueness of each youth and family. We do not own or operate any hospitals, residential treatment centers or group homes. All services are offered by trained therapists and paraprofessionals under the direct supervision of licensed clinicians.

Pathways is dedicated to ensuring that all clients – from children to families and adults to the elderly – are offered services with proven methods that will accomplish their treatment goals. To meet this objective, Pathways regularly contracts with local universities and behavioral health professionals to conduct outcome studies of our clinical programs. Our objective is to ensure positive outcomes for our clients and to utilize these study results to further enhance our service lines.


Success Stories

I am writing this letter to inform Family Preservation Services, now Pathways, about how valuable your counselors and program have been to me as a high school instructor in an alternative program. The children that alternative programs serve are among the most challenging students with whom one may ever work. I cannot emphasize enough what a help it is to have Family Preservation Services counselors in the classroom. The presence of the counselors has significantly reduced the stress level for the teachers in the program and they provide valuable services to our students that the staff of the school is not able to provide.

Posted By: - Alternative School Teacher

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