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Youth & Family Services

We proudly provide a comprehensive line of services designed to meet the unique needs of children, youth and families.  From Autism Services to Home-Based Services and Therapeutic Foster Care to Parent Education Services, our social service and behavioral-health professionals strive to ensure our clients receive compassionate, professional care in the setting that best fits their needs. We provide services primarily in the client’s home or community, reducing the cost of such services while affording our clients a better quality of life.

Youth & Family Services At A Glance

  • Autism Services - Our autism services include behavior analytic education and treatment in schools, homes and communities, including wraparound services that coordinate care and improve program efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Case Management - We supervise all aspects of eligible clients’ cases and assure clients receive the appropriate care, treatment and resources. Pathways serves as the client advocate, arranging for services and follow-up care to ensure client compliance with prescribed intervention plans.
  • Community-Based Surveillance - We offer surveillance services, which may include electronic monitoring equipment, in order to allow court-involved youth to remain safely in their homes and communities while receiving planned rehabilitative and educational services.
  • Foster Care -  We recruit and train foster parents and licensed family foster homes to provide 24-hour care to children who have been removed from their homes due to physical or emotional abuse, abandonment, or lack of appropriate living situations.
  • Home-Based & Intensive Home-Based Counseling - Our home-based counselors provide services in clients’ homes, which can include individual, group or family sessions. We also provide intensive home-based counseling for clients who struggle to cope with everyday situations.
  • In-Home Tutoring - We provide high-quality tutoring services tailored to the unique needs of each child, with services offered in clients’ homes, schools or in community settings.
  • Intake, Assessment & Referral Services - We contract on behalf of our managed entities with governments to screen inquiries regarding need and eligibility for government-sponsored social services, arrange face-to-face interviews and conduct benefit eligibility reviews.
  • Monitoring Services - Our monitoring services include face-to-face and telephone interactions, including strength assessments, referrals, home visits and limited consultation.
  • Network Management - We coordinate the delivery of government-sponsored social services by multiple providers, which includes responding to telephone inquiries, determining clients’ needs and eligibility for services, and placing clients with appropriate providers.
  • School-Based Services - Our counselors are assigned to public schools to assist with problematic and at-risk students. Our services include teacher training, individual counseling, logical consequence training, anger management training, gang awareness, and drug and alcohol abuse prevention.
  • Substance Abuse Services - Pathways counselors provide services in home and community settings designed especially for clients with drug or alcohol abuse problems. We utilize peer contracts, treatment group processes, and a commitment to sobriety among our treatment methods.
  • Therapeutic Foster Care - Our 24-hour care is designed for children with serious emotional problems who may otherwise require institutional treatment. We recruit, license and train professional foster-care parents to care for children for up to 1 year of therapeutic intervention.
  • Virtual Residential Program -  We provide families, schools and communities with a community-based alternative to unnecessary out-of-home placements and facilitate successful reunification of youth with their families following residential, psychiatric or foster home placements.