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What makes an organization a Wellness Champion?
  • A workplace that implements mental health programing that reduces the stigma of mental health and empowers employees to be more resilient and manage life stressors.  
  • Mental Health is included into an organization's Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) priorities.  
  • Leaders create an environment where employees feel Psychologically Safe at work.
  • Corporate culture cultivates an environment that supports mental health and well-being.

August 2022

Wellness Champion

Kollective Technology

August 2022 Wellness Champion

Tune in to hear a short interview with Patty Perkins, Senior Director of  Enterprise Video Strategy. Hear what she had to say about prioritizing mental health.

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Start Prioritizing Mental Health in Your Workplace 

Your employees can do their best work when they have the mental health support they need at work. Create a healthier workforce with help from our team. Reach out today to get started.



How to Design a Customized Behavioral Wellness Program for Your Business

Download our free guide to learn how to design a customized mental health wellness program for your company today.

Benefits of Behavioral Health Programs in the Workplace

Virtual and face-to-face employee behavioral health programs benefit employers and employees by improving productivity, culture, collaboration and retention. Your entire organization can benefit from behavioral health support.



Providing and promoting behavioral health programs sends a powerful and positive cultural message, reduces the stigma often associated with behavioral health challenges, and increases employee acceptance of support. This reduces healthcare costs and absenteeism while increasing retention.



The majority of employees with behavioral health issues don’t seek help or support. Having access to tools and resources in the workplace can help your employees reduce stress, manage anxiety or depression, and experience improved overall well-being.



Your entire organization can benefit from a more supportive and understanding culture. Communication and collaboration improve when colleagues understand they’re not alone in their anxiety and stress.

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You and your employees are in this together, and Pathways at Work is here to help.

We help businesses improve productivity, nurture a culture of better behavioral health, reducing stigma often surrounding behavioral health issues and increasing employee retention.

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