Camelot Care Centers

State Office
Chris Beach, Chief Executive Officer of Tennessee
Chris Beach, Chief Operations Officer of Tennessee
Dustin Keller, Chief Strategy Officer of Tennessee

814 Church Street, Suite 400
Nashville, TN 37203
Business: (615) 242-7410
Fax: (615) 242-7462


In Tennessee, services are offered by Camelot Care Centers, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Pathways.

Camelot Care Centers, Inc. (“Camelot Care Centers”) began offering services in 1973. Since that time, the innovative and flexible programs offered, knowledgeable professionals, and longstanding commitment to quality have earned the company a solid reputation. Camelot Care Centers is fully licensed by the state of Tennessee and offers a variety of programs, including Intensive In-Home Counseling, Therapeutic Foster Care, Special Needs Adoption, Chemical Dependency Treatment, Employee Assistance Programs, Sexual Abuse Treatment (Perpetrators and Victims), Case Management, Aftercare Services, Independent Living Skills Assessment and Training, and Outpatient Therapy.

Camelot Care Centers provides Home-Based Services through In-Home CCFT Counseling. Through this approach, we successfully provide treatment in the home of many children who would otherwise require out-of-home placement. Expertise with this model of treatment and seasoned professionals support the ability to produce desired treatment outcomes at substantially reduced costs.

Our Therapeutic Foster Home Program provides foster care services to a wide range of families and children. Our Special Needs Adoption Program works with children who have special emotional, behavioral, educational or medical needs. Camelot Care Centers works with the child and family in both of these programs to ensure the best possible match and long term success. Our programs also provide 24-hour support to ensure the best possible outcomes for our families.

In Tennessee, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is offered that provides short-term confidential mental health services. Employers provide this service to their employees at no cost to the employee. Employers have discovered that this is an excellent tool to reduce lost work days, loss of employee efficiency due to personal and work-related stressors, and performance problems.

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