We're passionate about helping workplaces improve their mental and behavioral health.

For over 20 years, Pathways has 


Webinars and Education

Our webinar series is designed to help your employees learn actionable strategies to manage anxiety, stress, and common behavioral health and well-being concerns. With both live and on-demand resources, your employees can learn at their own pace.

Tools and Resources

The live and on-demand webinar series is complimented by handouts, tools, checklists, and worksheets to help your employees implement strategies to manage their behavioral health and well-being by taking real action.


Coaching and Discussion Groups

Discussion groups and coaching led by Pathways behavioral health professionals allow your team members to discuss challenges, work toward solutions, and get support from professionals in behavioral health and well-being.


How to Design a Customized Behavioral Wellness Program for Your Business

Download our free guide to learn how to design a customized mental health wellness program for your company today.

The Cost of Behavioral Health Issues in the Workplace

$550 Million

Work Days Lost Each Year Due to Work-Related Stress and Behavioral Health Issues
The American Institute of Stress

$450 Billion

Approximate Total of Lost Productivity in the United States Annually
Gallup Survey

$190 Billion

Annual Healthcare Costs Associated with Workplace Behavioral Health Issues
Stanford University