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Hello my name is Sohail.

Hello my name is Sohail. I will soon be celebrating my 9th year anniversary with Pathways. It has been a wonderful journey and working for Pathways has been a great experience in my life.

What sets Pathways apart from other companies that I have worked for in the past, is how they treat each and every one of their employees. My opinions and ideas have always been valued. With Pathways, I feel like I am not just another employee, but I feel like part of a family. I frequently hear comments from our clients that here, at Pathways, employees are happy and passionate about their job. It’s a pleasure to come to a safe and positive environment. And, I work with a caring, friendly, and dedicated team.

Pathways has provided me with educational training and has helped guide my development and growth both personally and professionally. As a result I have had multiple promotions. I was hired initially as an entry level Peer Specialist, shortly after I was promoted to Lead Peer, and after a while promoted to Team Lead. Now I serve as a Director for the Wellness Center, one of Pathways’ programs in Orange County California. This is evidence and a testament that Pathways truly values and rewards the hard work and dedication of its employees.

I am extremely happy and proud to be part of an organization that offers superb quality services to its clients. A remarkable and cutting-edge company combined with a dynamic leadership has resulted in Pathways being an industry leader and front runner. At the end of every day, when I leave work, I don’t feel tired. The reason being is I enjoy what I do and I am happy to make a difference. Pathways has helped me to be the person I always dreamed to be.

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