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Adult Services

Pathways provides a growing number of social services and behavioral health programs to eligible adult populations throughout the nation. Our programs are tailored specifically to meet the immediate and long-term needs of our clients through home- and community-based counseling, referral, assessment and therapeutic services. Our network of experienced professionals meet an array of adult client needs, from Case Management to Substance Abuse and Workforce Development Programs. We are uniquely qualified to serve a diverse population of adult clients, while at the same time seeking to create efficient and cost-effective solutions for our government-contracted customers.

Adult Services At A Glance

  • Case Management - We supervise all aspects of eligible clients’ cases and assure clients receive the appropriate behavioral health care, treatment and resources. Pathways serves as the client advocate, arranging for services and follow-up care to ensure client compliance with prescribed intervention plans.

  • Drug Court Services - Pathways offers among the most comprehensive and effective Drug Court programs available to control offenders’ criminal behavior and drug usage while in treatment and under court supervision. Wraparound services address the spectrum of related challenges for these clients, including vocational and educational programs, parenting training, drug testing, and housing assistance to help clients maintain sobriety.

  • Monitoring Services - Our monitoring services include face-to-face and telephone interactions, including strength assessments, referrals, home visits and limited consultation.

  • Network Management - We coordinate the delivery of government-sponsored social services by multiple providers, which includes responding to telephone inquiries, determining clients’ needs and eligibility for services, and placing clients with appropriate providers.

  • Substance Abuse Services - Pathways counselors provide services in home and community settings designed especially for clients with drug or alcohol abuse problems. We utilize peer contracts, treatment group processes, and a commitment to sobriety among our treatment methods.

  • Workforce Development Programs - We assist our clients to achieve their greatest potential to obtain and retain meaningful employment. Our services are funded through federal, state and local programs and are customized to meet the needs of job-seekers and the surrounding labor market. Activities range from classroom training of job skills to employment readiness training.