Success Stories

Recently we received a form from you asking us to evaluate the effectiveness of your organization for our youngest son, Ed*, who recently completed your program. I placed the form aside because I wanted to include a letter, which could more fully express our gratitude and appreciation for what your representative T.R. has done for Ed and our family. T.R. is a remarkable young woman who has done wonders transforming our son Ed into a rapidly maturing young man who now looks forward to establishing goals and future prospects for himself. We were frustrated as parents trying to improve Ed’s self-esteem and overcoming his shyness.

Posted By: -Ed’s Parents

I am writing this letter to inform Family Preservation Services about how valuable your counselors and programs have been to me as a high school instructor in an alternative program. The children that alternative programs serve are among the most challenging students with whom one may ever work. I cannot emphasize enough what a help it is to have Family Preservation Services counselors in the classroom. The presence of the counselors has significantly reduced the stress level for the teachers in the program and they provide valuable services to our students that the staff of the school is not able to provide.

Posted By: -Alternative School Teacher