Pathways of Oklahoma

Lynnette Richey, State Director
Kevin Hamil, Clinic Director

134 N. 12th
Durant, OK 74701
Business: (580) 924-6363
Fax: (580) 924-0379



In Oklahoma, Pathways offers services through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Pathways Service Corporation of Oklahoma (“Pathways of Oklahoma”).

Pathways of Oklahoma offers a comprehensive array of services including individual, family and group counseling for adults and children. Pathways also offers Case Management services for children, adults, and their families. Pathways of Oklahoma is licensed as a Medicaid and Medicare provider and has been offering services since 1998.

Our mission is to support and collaborate with community agencies in order to reduce out-of-home placement and strengthen family systems. Our programs provide youth with opportunities to develop skills, enabling them to lead productive and healthy lives. To this end, we also provide group and individual rehabilitation services, social skills training, parenting skills training, and independent living skills training. Additionally, families can access our 24 hour Crisis Intervention services seven days a week.

The Pathways of Oklahoma staff represents a diverse group of experienced, licensed clinicians who are highly qualified to provide all rehabilitation services we offer. Our programs are conducted in the clinic, home, school, or community, which best fits the clients’ needs.

Pathways of Oklahoma offers services in the rural Southern part of the state, where transportation is almost always a hardship for families. Home- and community-based care increases the consistency of involvement by families who may not otherwise be able to participate.