Family Preservation Services of North Carolina

Rick Smith, Regional VP Pathways – Eastern Division
James Lee, MD, NC Medical Director
Kevin Anders, NC QM Director / Privacy Officer
Carson Ojamaa, NC Clinical Director
Krista Zappia, NC Operations Director
Joe Yurchak, NC Development Director

North Carolina

In North Carolina, Pathways offers services through wholly owned subsidiaries Family Preservation Services of North Carolina, Inc.

Since the year 2000, Family Preservation Services of North Carolina (“FPS of North Carolina”) has offered an array of community, home and school based services designed to respond to identified state and local needs. FPS of North Carolina is nationally accredited by COA.

FPS of North Carolina offers a full continuum of both adult and child services across the state. These services include both basic services, outpatient therapy and medication management services and enhanced services to include Intensive In Home, Day Treatment, Community Support Team, ACTT, Psycho Social Rehabilitation and Supported Employment. Outpatient therapy includes individual, family and group therapy that is provided based on the individualized needs of the client. These services are offered by both licensed and non licensed professionals in several settings to include community based and office based services. Psychiatric Medical Services are provided to aid in linkage to primary health care providers as well as meet the psychiatric medication needs of the client.

FPS of North Carolina also offers an array of enhanced community based services for both the adult and child client and family. These services include Intensive In Home Services for children at risk of out of home placement, Day Treatment Services for children that are demonstrating difficulty in the school environment, Community Support Team, for adults that are in crisis and need therapy, crisis intervention services and case management services, ACTT for clients in need of a multi-disciplinary team to address all aspects of the client’s life in a community setting and to stabilize the client, Psycho Social Rehabilitation and Supported Employment Services for adult clients in need of skill development, recovery education and support and preparation to re-enter the work force FPS of North Carolina will continue to collaborate with local management entities state wide to develop and deliver the needed services in accordance with best practice principles.