Dockside Services

State Administration
Joseph Joyce, State Executive Director
Letitia Haywood, State Clinical Director
Steve Butera, State Quality Assurance Director
LaShonda Mabon, Administrative Services Coordinator 

Lake County Office
9008 Cline Ave; Unit No. 8
Highland, IN 46322
Business: (219) 838-8001
Fax: (219) 838-8020


In the state of Indiana, Pathways offers services through its wholly owned subsidiary, Dockside Services, Inc.

Dockside Services, Inc. (“Dockside”) was established in Indiana in 1999 with a simple stated mission: to bring care closer to home. To this end, Dockside works with children and families using a team approach and all services are provided in the home, school and community environment.

Dockside is certified as a Medicaid provider by the Department of Health and Human Services in the State of Indiana and is also a state-certified Addiction Services Provider. Dockside offers a range of home-based and outpatient services designed to address the needs of high-risk youth and their families. The agency’s Masters-trained therapists and case managers work closely with the Department of Child Services and Juvenile Court Probation Departments to provide coordinated and effective service delivery. This community-based, individualized approach reduces the risk of disruptive and costly out-of-home placement.

In response to a growing need for therapeutic foster care homes capable of addressing the emotional, developmental and behavioral needs of children and adolescents who have suffered abuse and neglect, Dockside has developed a professionalized system of care. Dockside foster parents become part of the “treatment team” through extensive training and direct participation in the clinical services provided for children residing in their home. Individualized treatment planning and a “wrap-around” approach to service delivery provide the support and assistance necessary to allow foster parents to address the children’s special needs in a community-based setting.

Dockside also offers substance abuse services for adolescents ages 12 to 18 who are having problems with alcohol and/or drugs. This developmentally appropriate program is designed to help young people think carefully about their lives and their use of substances and to make wise, healthy decisions for themselves. The program is developmentally appropriate, holistic and has been proven to be effective through research. Multi-family group therapy is provided along with Life Skills education, both essential to the success of the program.